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Dr. Bud

October 9, 2015

Eight of the “women” on Iran’s female soccer team are actually physically and biologically men, who claim to be “transgender.”

None of the eight have undergone a formal sex change operation.

Mojtabi Sharifi, an official with close ties to the Iranian soccer league, confirmed to an Iranian news website that the rumors are, in fact, true, though he declined to name the names of the players thought to be men.

The Iranian women’s team plays in baggy long-sleeve shirts, track pants, and headscarves–with only their face and hands uncovered–which would, conceivably, make it easier for a man to go undercover and take advantage of the commanding physical edge over women who were born as women.

Sex changes are, contrary to common belief, actually commonplace and reasonably accepted in ultra-conservative Iran–where changing gender is generally seen as preferable to homosexuality, which Sharia law considers a sin.

In a way, one might conclude that sexually displaced Iranian men have a choice about which appendage gets cut off.