Koran’s promise of “72 virgins” a mistranslation

The Koran’s promise to Islamic jihadists of a heavenly reward of 72 virgins actually mistranslates the word for “raisins,” a Canadian scholar asserts — a startling declaration that’s fueling a twitter storm.

A CNN special that debuted Tuesday, “Why They Hate Us,” hosted by Fareed Zakaria, tries to explain the roots of radical Islam, and includes the revelation from Canadian academic Irshad Manji.
Islamic jihadis expecting 72 virgins in paradise will be surprised, according to @irshadmanji. #WhyTheyHateUs

Can Muslims Pledge allegiance to the United States? What do YOU think?

Very interesting Bit of Legislative History:  McCarran-Walter Act of 1952
Donald Trump was recently severely criticized for suggesting that the U.S. should limit or temporarily suspend the immigration of certain ethnic groups, nationalities, and even people of certain religions (Muslims).  The criticisms condemned such a suggestion as, among other things, being “Un-American,” dumb, stupid, reckless, dangerous and racist.  Congressmen and Senators swore that they would never allow such legislation, and Obama called such a prohibition on immigration unconstitutional (as if, all of a sudden, he gives a damn about the Constitution).
As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, Surprise!!!”  It seems that the selective immigration ban is already law and has been applied on several occasions.  The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, a.k.a., the McCarran-Walter Act allows for the “Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the president (something which we haven’t had for the past seven and a half years).  Whenever the president finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, the president may, by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrant’s or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”
Note that McCarran and Walter were Democrats and this act was utilized by Jimmy Carter, no less, in 1979 to keep Iranians out of the United States … but he actually did more.  He made all Iranian students already here check in, and then he deported a bunch.  Seven thousand were found in violation of their visas, 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the United States in 1979. You won’t hear a word about this from the liberal media, propaganda machine.
It is of note that the act requires that an applicant for immigration ”must be of good moral character” and “attached to the principles of the Constitution.”  Since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, technically, all Muslims should be refused immigration.
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“radical Islam” is not the problem

“Muslim fundamentalism” is the problem.

People who believe Mohammad’s core propositions for dealing with infidels.

  • nonmuslims must be converted
  • subjugated (taxed or enslaved)
  • killed

since Islam doesn’t have a concept such as grace, the only way aa muslim an be assured of a peaceful afterlife is to die as a martyr in the process of contributing to the goals of a Muslim dominated culture by killing infidels.

Muslims who buy into these principles of Mohammad, expressed in the Quran and related literature. Mohammad’s history and legacy is one of banditry, arbitrary slaughter of innocent civilians, intolerance, persecution, sex slavery, pedophilia … there are probably a few other endearing characteristics that might readily come to mind if there were unlimited space and time. Mohammad was not a nice guy.

There are some sincere “good Muslims” who disregard the essence of his teachings and sincerely try to live a pious life, peacefully with regard for their neighbors. These are the real “radicals.”  The others, the “fundamentalists”  who try to live by the letter of this horrific, hateful  “philosophy”  eventually act it out in the slaughter of “infidels” and the perversion of any reasonable family values consistent with  Natural Law–our human nature designed by our common Creator..

Muslims who are prepared to reject the evil teachings of Mohammad and adopt civilization, living in peace with the rest of us as equal human beings under a merciful god are the “radicals” the “apostates.”

For those who are faithful to the teachings,  There will not be any “72 virgins.” Scholarly study  has revealed this is a mistranslation. Sorry about that.

Here is a view if the situation described in  Glenn Beck’s newsletter, the Blaze.:

Terror in Brussels: Traditional Islam, Not Radical Islam By Lori Updated 03/22/2016 | 11:44 AM EDT

Terrorists struck the city of Brussels today in a coordinated attack at the city’s international airport and subway system. At least 31 people have been reported killed. According the TheBlaze, European security officials have been bracing for a major attack for weeks, and warned that the Islamic State group was actively preparing to strike. The arrest Friday of a key suspect in the November attacks in Paris heightened those fears, as investigators said many more people were involved than originally thought, and that some are still on the loose. Glenn had some very stern words to share Tuesday on The Glenn Beck Program. “I’m tired of hearing people say that this is radical Islam. No, it’s not. This is traditional Islam. Radical Islam is Zuhdi Jasser .

. . those radicals that want to change the basic fundamental aspects of the way Islam has been practiced in the Middle East for over 1,000 years,” Glenn said. The vast majority of Muslims in the Middle East — and those in power — want to kill people like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser who practice a peaceful version of Islam. Glenn likened Dr. Jasser to Martin Luther King, Jr. “Martin Luther was the radical at the time he nailed his demands up on the door of the church. He was a radical Christian. Now we look at him as a great Christian, a great Christian theologian, but he was a radical at the time. That’s why the church, the power, wanted to kill him,” Glenn said. Also critical to understand, the Muslim Brotherhood — traditional Islamists — have infiltrated the government of the United States.Source:


Muslim Countries Refusing Syrian Refugees For This Reason…

The wealthiest countries in the Muslim world have refused to take a single Syrian refugee.

Their reason? They’re afraid doing so would open them up to the risk of terrorism. No joke.

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates–some of the richest countries on the planet, and awash in oil money–have donated small sums to help refugees in other countries, but have completely refused to open their borders themselves.

Since there’s no way to figure out which refugees are people displaced by ISIS and which refugees are ISIS fighters trying to get into foreign countries, the rest of the Muslim world has turned their back on Syrians.


Report: Al Qaeda Terrorists Entered United States Through Refugee Program Read more at http://joemiller.us/2015/11/report-al-qaeda-terrorists-entered-united-states-through-refugee-program

Two al Qaeda terrorists who had killed American soldiers were able to enter the country as refugees, according to a report released Wednesday from the House Homeland Security committee.

Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, two Iraqi refugees settled in Bowling Green, Kentucky, after killing American soldiers, whom they bragged about having “for lunch and dinner.” In 2010, they were caught handling weapons, including included a machine gun and a missile launcher, that they planned to smuggle to insurgents in Iraq.
Read more at http://joemiller.us/2015/11/report-al-qaeda-terrorists-entered-united-states-through-refugee-program/#c67Joaemk7orXudf.99

at least 73 TSA employees on the terrorist watch list!

Investigation reveals potential terrorists working for the TSA. The TSA/DHS has found that they have hired 73 people on the terror watch list? These are the people who the government has put in charge of keeping us safe from another 9/11. This wasn’t a quick process. No rush here. It has been 15 years. These names are in THEIR OWN DATA BASE! If this is how they vet those they give a badge and a gun, how much do you trust them to vet 90,000 Muslim refugees?

The Department of Homeland Security said that the acting head of the TSA would be replaced following a report that airport screeners failed to detect explosives and weapons in nearly all of the tests that an undercover team conducted at airports around the country.

Source: http://www.glennbeck.com/2015/11/19/investigation-reveals-potential-terrorists-working-for-the-tsa?utm_source=glennbeck&utm_medium=contentcopy_link

Obama to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to US

Syrian Refugees OK in YOUR Hometown?
Give Obama Your Answer NOW.
Dear Newsmax Reader,

21,444 U.S. Border Patrol agents work day and night trying to secure America’s borders from terrorists and illegal immigrants. But it only takes one man to strip agents’ authority, tie their hands, and nullify U.S. immigration laws — Barack Obama.

Fingerprint evidence links Syrian refugees directly to the Paris attacks. But Obama still wants 10,000 Syrian refugees to get a “free pass” at U.S. Border Patrol checkpoints and go straight to American cities and towns — maybe yours.

Jihadists take 90 hostages at Mali hotel

Malian forces storm hotel after militants kill 3, take 90 hostages

Published November 20, 2015

Malian special forces stormed a hotel in the country’s capital Friday to rescue 90 people who were taken hostage hours earlier by militants who shouted “Allahu Akbar” and reportedly forced their captives to recite verses from the Koran or face death.

ISIS “refugees” attempt trip to Berlin

NEWSER) – Turkey says it has seized eight suspected ISIS militants who were trying to reach Germany. The suspects were detained at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport after arriving from Morocco. Turkey’s state-run news agency says they claimed to be tourists who were staying at a hotel in the city for two days, but the hotel denied that any reservations had been made, report the AP and the Local. The agency adds criminal profiling teams found a hand-drawn map showing a route from Turkey to Germany—via Greece, Serbia, and Hungary—on one of the suspects.